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En este foro econtrarás: mods, tutoriales y programas (tools) de 7 juegos(Movil, PC, PS2,PS3, PS4, XBox One y más). Por otra parte, si deseas estar al tanto de las noticias de Dragon Ball, puedes en nuestro sitio dedicado:

ENGLISH: This forum have mods, tutorial and tools of 7 games from Mobil, PC, PS2,PS3, PS4, XBox One and more! Click in register now!
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[TUTO] How to fully edit Mission 100

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[TUTO] How to fully edit Mission 100 Empty [TUTO] How to fully edit Mission 100

Mensaje por krloxxx Sáb Feb 10, 2018 12:20 pm

[Credits to ViveIsBack, Fagner and Grognougnou for MOST of the info, MOST because I just copy/paste the info xD]

DISCLAIMER: I am not stealing anything, I clearly gave credits to the original founders of the information, along with putting my own information in there. All I am doing is explaining it in a better way, because Grognougnou (Mr.Yao) is not VERY good at english. I am Albanian, by the way. I'm not that bad at english, though. This tutorial ONLY works for the NTSC version of the game. It also works for the PAL version as well, check out Grognougnou's tutorial for that incase you are interested in editing the PAL version.

This is another tutorial of mine, this time I'm explaining how Mission 100 works and how you can edit it on your own. Keep in mind that the file we are editing is the "Ultimate.unk" file in PZS3US1.AFS, which is responsible for the Ultimate Battles, like SIM Dragon, Survival mode and Mission 100, the mode we are editing today. Fagner claimed that only 13 missions are editable, the rest are encrypted. That is not true, because they are located ABOVE Mission 1 (Crane and Turtle Style). However, those missions above are edited differently than the first 13 missions (that range from Crane and Turtle Style to Cui Platoon). That's because those missions are 48 bytes, unlike the first 13 missions which are only 220 bytes long. The only mission that is ALMOST impossible to edit is Cui Platoon, because of how encrypted it is. By the way, these missions also have their own additional data located ABOVE mission 14. Weird but DAMN cool. affraid However, the other missions do not have that additional data. That's because those missions are edited the same way as the additional data, due to those missions starting with the string "00 02 00 00", which is responible for the referee or the commentator of the battle. In this case, it's Shin (Supreme Kai / Kaioshin)

[TUTO] How to fully edit Mission 100 Screen10

[TUTO] How to fully edit Mission 100 Screen11

In this case (only for the first 13 missions), the first 4 bytes indicate the character based off the IDs list. The second 4 bytes indicate the costume of the character [00 - Costume 1; 01 - Costume 2; 02 - Costume 3; 03 - Costume 4]. The third 4 bytes indicate the first Z-Item the character has. The fourth 4 bytes indicate the second Z-Item the character has, which must be a Strategy Item. The sixth 4 bytes indicate the third Z-Item the character has. The seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth etc... indicate the rest of the Z-Items.

However, in order to edit the additional for Mission 1 - Mission 13, the missions: Mission 14, Mission 15 and so on, there is a different way for you to edit them. This picture speaks for itself.

[TUTO] How to fully edit Mission 100 Screen12

Alright, that will wrap it up for today. Go ahead and download all of the stuff below. Happy Modding! cyclops


Goku (Early) 00
Goku (Mid) 01
SS Goku (Mid) 02
Goku (End) 03
SS Goku (End) 04
SS2 Goku (End) 05
SS3 Goku (End) 06
Goku (GT) 07
SS Goku (GT) 08
SS3 Goku (GT) 09
SS4 Goku (GT) 0A
Kid Goku 0B
Great Ape 0C
Kid Gohan 0D
Teen Gohan 0E
SS Teen Gohan 0F
SS2 Teen Gohan 10
Adult Gohan 11
SS Adult Gohan 12
SS2 Adult Gohan 13
Great Saiyaman 14
Ultimate Gohan 15
Piccolo (Early) 16
Piccolo (End) 17
Nail 18
Krillin 19
Yamcha 1A
Tien 1B
Chiaotzu 1C
Vegeta (Scouter) 1D
Great Ape Vegeta (Scouter) 1E
Vegeta (Cell Saga) 1F
SS Vegeta (Cell Saga) 20
Super Vegeta (Cell Saga) 21
Vegeta (2nd form) 22
SS Vegeta (2nd form) 23
SS2 Vegeta (2nd form) 24
Majin Vegeta (2nd form) 25
SS4 Vegeta (GT) 26
Future Trunks 27
SS Future Trunks 28
Trunks (Cell Saga) 29
SS Trunks (Cell Saga) 2A
Super Trunks (Cell Saga) 2B
Kid Trunks 2C
SS Kid Trunks 2D
Goten 2E
SS Goten 2F
Gotenks 30
SS Gotenks 31
SS3 Gotenks 32
Vegito 33
Super Vegito 34
Super Gogeta 35
SS4 Gogeta (GT) 36
Mr. Satan 37
Videl 38
Great Saiyawoman 39
Supreme Kai 3A
Kibito Kai 3B
Yajirobe 3C
Pikkon 3D
Tapion 3E
Pan 3F
Uub 40
Majuub 41
Master Roshi 42
Full Power Master Roshi 43
Grandpa Gohan 44
Nam 45
Android 8 46
King Vegeta 47
Great Ape King Vegeta 48
Bardock 49
Great Ape Bardock 4A
Fasha 4B
Great Ape Fasha 4C
Raditz 4D
Great Ape Raditz 4E
Saibamen 4F
Nappa 50
Great Ape Nappa 51
Zarbon 52
Post-Transformation 53
Dodoria 54
Cui 55
Captain Ginyu 56
Recoome 57
Burter 58
Jeice 59
Guldo 5A
Frieza (1st form) 5B
Frieza (2nd form) 5C
Frieza (3rd form) 5D
Frieza (Final Form) 5E
Frieza (Full Power) 5F
Mecha Frieza 60
King Cold 61
Appule 62
Frieza Soldier 63
Android 16 64
Android 17 65
Android 18 66
Android 19 67
Dr, Gero 68
Imperfect Cell 69
Semi-perfect Cell 6A
Perfect Cell 6B
Super Perfect Cell 6C
Cell Jr. 6D
Babidi 6E
Dabura 6F
Majin Buu 70
Evil Buu 71
Super Buu 72
Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed) 73
Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) 74
Kid Buu 75
Garlic Jr. 76
Full Power Garlic Jr. 77
Dr. Willow 78
Turles 79
Great Ape Turles 7A
Lord Slug 7B
Giant Slug 7C
Salza 7D
Cooler 7E
Cooler (Final Form) 7F
Meta Cooler 80
Android 13 81
Android 13 (Fusion) 82
Broly 83
SS Broly 84
LSS Broly 85
Zangya 86
Bojack 87
Full Power Bojack 88
Janemba 89
Super Janemba 8A
Hildegarn 8B
Baby Vegeta (1st form) 8C
Super Baby 1 8D
Super Baby 2 8E
Great Ape Baby Vegeta 8F
Super Android 17 90
Nuova Shenron 91
Syn Shenron 92
Omega Shenron 93
Mercenary Tao 94
Cyborg Tao 95
General Blue 96
Devilman 97
Pilaf Machine 98
Pilaf Machine (Fusion) 99
Tambourine 9A
Demon King Piccolo 9B
Arale 9C
Chi-Chi 9D
Spopovitch 9E
Future Gohan 9F
SS Future Gohan A0
Mr.Satan with Red Potaras 8B 01
Raditz with Red Potaras 90 01
Krillin with Red Potaras 95 01
King Piccolo with Red Potaras 9A 01
Dr.Wheelo with Red Potaras 9F 01
Bojack (Full Power) with Red Potaras A4 01
Omega Shenron with Red Potars A9 01
Meta Cooler with Red Potars AE 01
Super Android 13 with Red Potaras B3 01
Super Gogeta with Red Potars B8 01
Piccolo (End) with Red Potars BD 01
Frieza (Full Power) with Red Potaras C2 01
Super Perfect Cell with Red Potaras C7 01
Super Janemba with Red Potaras CC 01
Legendary Super Saiyan with Red Potaras D1 01
Kid Buu with Red Potaras D6 01
Ultimate Gohan with Red Potaras DB 01
Super Vegito with Red Potaras E0 01
Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta with Red Potaras E5 01
Super Saiyan 4 Goku with Red Potaras EA 01
Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta with Red Potaras EF 01


Mission Location
Crane and Turtle Style 1235776
Paozu Mountain Gate 1236008
Wolf's Natural Enemy 1236228
Avenger 1236448
Defender of the World 1236668
Battle Against Vegeta 1236888
Follower of Frieza 1237108
Defeat Kakarot! 1237328
Dende Squad 1237548
Purple Comet 1237768
Master and Student 1237988
Hero and Demon 1238208
Cui Platoon 1238428

Additional data for x Mission Location
Crane and Turtle Style 1230540
Paozu Mountain Gate 1230592
Wolf's Natural Enemy 1230644
Avenger 1230696
Defender of the World 1230748
Battle Against Vegeta 1230800
Follower of Frieza 1230852
Defeat Kakarot! 1230904
Dende Squad 1230956
Purple Comet 1231008
Master and Student 1231060
Hero and Demon 1231112
Cui Platoon 1231164

Mission Location
Kame House Concerto 1231216
Warrior Namek 1231268
Half-Saiyan 1231320
Popular #18 1231372
Beauty and Beast 1231424
Stoic 1231476
Low-Class Warrior Team 1231528
Patriot Boy 1231580
Besieging Cell 1231632
The Hero Has Arrived! 1231684
Demon Invasion 1231736
Imperial Family 1231788
Dr.Gero's Dream 1231840
Body Changer 1231892
Overpower 1231944
Majin Buster 1231996
Heavenly Warrior 1232048
Use the Time Machine 1232100
Bardock's Blood 1232152
Underworld's Hooligan 1232204
Double Couple 1232256
Team Tenkaichi 1232308
Muscle Docking 1232360
Loyal Warrior 1232412
Seek the Dragon Balls 1232464
Shape of a Family 1232516
Dragon Treasure Warrior 1232568
Death and Rebirth 1232620
Elder's Pride 1232672
Metamor-Fashion 1232724
Wandering Nappa 1232776
Salza Special Squad 1232828
Black-Haired Fighter 1232880
The Professor's Masterpiece 1232932
Lost Royal Family 1232984
Unite! Fusion Warriors 1233036
Gentle Android 1233088
The Defeated Returns 1233140
3-Man Cell 1233192
Videl Nights 1233244
The Winged One 1233296
Great Traveler 1233348
Baby Carnival 1233400
Enraged Evil Warrior 1233452
Team Psychic 1233504
One Day In Penguin Village 1233556
Close Combat 1233608
Cell Division 1233660
Grandchild Heroine 1233712
Galactic Bandits 1233764
Perfect Machine 1233816
Tufflization Plan 1233868
Special Mix 1233920
Sword Saint 1233972
Baby-Level Circle 1234024
Cool Guy 1234076
Pretty Fighter 1234128
Team M 1234180
Super Trunks Form 1234232
Majin's 5 Forms 1234284
Super Saiyan Legend 1234336
17,000,000 Zeni 1234388
Double X 1234440
Gathering of Demons 1234492
Evil Dragon Hunter 1234544
Galactic Army Corps 1234596
Savior's Awakening 1234648
Brother Beyond Elite 1234700
Ultimate Earthling 1234752
Demon Leader 1234804
Absolute Destruction Machine 1234856
Galactic Champion 1234908
True Evil 1234960
Metallic Disaster 1235012
Rampaging Android 1235064
Stardust Fusion 1235116
Full Power Dragon 1235168
Space Emperor 1235220
Flawless Lifeform 1235272
Personification of Evil 1235324
Personification of Destruction 1235376
Innocent Majin 1235428
Ultimate Half-Breed 1235480
Potara Miracle 1235532
Angry Prince 1235584
Dragon Fighter 1235636
Last Mission 1235688


Potara ID
Attack Up 1 0 1
Attack Up 2 0 2
Attack Up 3 0 3
Defense Up 1 0 4
Defense Up 2 0 5
Defense Up 3 0 6
Ki Power Up 1 0 7
Ki Power Up 2 0 8
Ki Power Up 3 0 9
Super Up 1 0A
Super Up 2 0B
Super Up 3 0C
Attack Up 2 & Defense Down 1 0D
Defense Up 2 & Attack Down 1 0E
Ki Power Up 2 & Super Down 1 0F
Super Up 2 & Power Down 1 10
Attack Up 3 & Super Down 1 11
Defense Up 3 & Attack Down 2 12
Ki Power Up 3 & Defense Down 2 13
Super Up 3 & Power Down 2 14
Attack Up 3 & Defense Down 2 15
Defense Up 3 & Power Down 1 16
Power Up 3 & Super Down 2 17
Super Up 3 & Attack Down 1 18
Flight 23
Unleash Latent Power 1 24
Unleash Latent Power 2 25
Unleash Latent Power 3 26
Ki Control 27
Dragon Dash Mastery 28
High Spot 29
Essence of Sight 2A
Warrior Lineage 2B
Halo 2C
Demon Seal 2D
Satisfying Blow 2E
Active Heart 2F
Indomitable Fighting Spirit 30
Mind Breaker 31
Gigantic Power 32
Rising Fighting Spirit 33
Secret Measures 34
Proof of Friendship 35
Dende's Healing Ability 36
Eternal Life 37
Tension Up 38
High Tension 39
Water Blessing 3A
Spiritual Control 3B
Lover of Justice 3C
Evil Ambitions 3D
Dragon Heart 3E
Dragon Beat 3F
Dragon Spirit 40
Confidence 41
Battle Control 42
Kibito's Secret Art43
Persistent Threat 44
Miracle Master 45
Exquiste Skill 46
Quick Return 47
Unleash Ki 49
Power of Rage 4A
Dragon Power 4B
Latent Energy! 4C
Fighting Spirit! 4D
Indignation! 4E
Serious! 4F
Hatred Of Saiyans50
Rush Blast 1 51
Rush Blast 2 52
Rush Blast 3 53
Guard Master 54
Mirage 55
Warrior's Will 56
Evil Pride 57
Perfect Guard 58
Sparking Plus 59
Style of the Strong 5A
Emperor's Aura 5B
Miracle Sparking 5C
Savior 5D
Light Body 5E
Power Body 5F
Ultimate Body 60
Draconic Aura 61
Master Strike 62
Master Blast 63
Master Throw 64
Charged Attack 65
Quick Fast Attack 66
Dragon Break 67
Dragon Crush 68
Vanishing Break 69
Vanishing Rush 6A
Combo Master 6B
Quick Charge 6C
Super Senses 6D
Broly's Ring 6E
Namek Power 6F
Earth Power 70
Universal Power 71
Aura Charge Blue 72
Aura Charge Purple 73
Aura Charge Yellow 74
Aura Charge Red 75
Aura Charge Green 76
Aura Charge White 77
Aura Charge Pink 78
Aura Charge Violet 79
Aura Charge Ultimate 7A
Aura Charge Ultimate 3 7B
Aura Charge Ultimate 4 7C
Master Roshi's Training 7D
King Kai's Training 7E
#18's Kiss 7F
#17's Scarf 80
Medical Machine 81
Launch's Support 89
Goku Type 8A
Vegeta Type 8B
Gohan Type 8C
Trunks Type 8D
Piccolo Type 8E
Krillin Type 8F
Tien Type 90
Chiaotzu Type 91
Yajirobe Type 92
Frieza Type 93
Cell Type 94
Majin Buu Type 95
Broly Type 96
Ginyu Type 97
Recoome Type 98


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[TUTO] How to fully edit Mission 100 Empty Re: [TUTO] How to fully edit Mission 100

Mensaje por FagnerLSantos Vie Feb 16, 2018 7:30 pm

I'm very happy that the info I found was useful for something, I was pretty sure that the values for the remaining missions are above the others, I was just unable to edit and due to this I thought there was some kind of encryption or something, since I couldn't undertand their values. All in all, it's cool to see tha Mission 100 is finally fully editable, I must check this to do some funny things that now are possible!


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